BSL Level 1

Welcome to Level 1 BSL

Our Signature-accredited Level 1 BSL course is made up of three units.

Unit BSL101 focuses on greetings and introductions.

Unit BSL102 focuses on food and drink, family and home, pets and animals and describing your house.

Unit BSL103 focuses on work, people you know and describing buildings.

Course Information

Introduction to BSL Level 1

Signature Level 1 Award in British Sign Language is designed to enable learners to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL). A range of topics are studied that involve simple, everyday language use. This Level 1 course provides an introduction to BSL and is suitable for all learners.

We also offer a unique training DVD designed for BSL Level 1 students that will not only teach you new vocabulary- but also an understanding and appreciation of Deaf culture and Deaf awareness. Priced at £10 this training DVD is available to purchase on Amazon.


The course is divided into three units and candidates are required to pass all units to gain the qualification.

The units include the following topics:
BSL 101 Introduction to BSL – meeting people, using numbers, weather, transport and directions

BSL 102 Conversational BSL – at home, people, animals and objects, using numbers, interests and activities

BSL 103 BSL at School, College or Work – getting around, exchanging information, refreshments, and using numbers


Assessments take place during normal class time and the assessment fees are included in the course price.


London Key Facts

18th September 2019 - 22nd April 2020

Wednesdays 3pm - 5pm


Individuals: £619 (including £96 Signature Assessment fee and VAT)

Organisations: £821+VAT (includes £96 Signature Assessment fee)

Entry Requirements:

This is a course for beginners – no prior knowledge of BSL is required

A non-refundable deposit of £60 is required to book onto this course

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