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Welcome to Remark! Training - the fun way to learn British Sign Language!

Interested in learning a new language or developing your signing skills?  Then you have come to the right place.  Not only is Remark! Training among the leaders when it comes to providing quality British Sign Language training, but we offer this in a relaxed, friendly and encouraging environment.

Whether you are a beginner, interested in learning a new skill, embarking on a new career, or continuing to develop your signing skills, then we have the course for you.

Throughout the year we offer a variety of courses from BSL Level 1 through to Level 6, in London and Birmingham .  Not only do we offer the Signature accredited courses, we also have a wide selection of one day workshops, for signers of all levels so you can pick and mix the topics that interest you.

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The courses range from one day to one year in duration depending on the course content and the qualifications desired.  All classes are small and intimate providing you with the maximum support and tutor attention. 

Our qualified and very friendly Deaf tutors are ready and willing to help guide you on your BSL journey.

NEW - Why not improve your BSL skills with one of our DVD's

One Step Closer to learning British Sign Languge is the first DVD to introduce you to Level 1 BSL.  This new style of training DVD will instead take you through the three units that cover BSL Level 1 with the Smith Family, a vibrant deaf family who use BSL in everyday life.

DVD's are available to purchase from our shop, priced at £14.99 plus postage.  You can also buy our DVD's on

For training in the south and London please contact our London office: 

Remark!, 18 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7SU        
Tel: 020 7269 2621; Email                                             

For bookings in the Midlands, Wales, and the north please contact Midlands office:

Remark! Midlands, The Custard Factory, Zellig 101/102, Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA

Tel: 020 7269 2621 ; SMS 07921 004355;  Email                                                           

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