BSL Level 3 course

BSL Level 3

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The BSL Level 3 course comprises of three units.

Assessment 1 is a formal presentation.

Assessment 2 is an informal conversation.

Assessment 3 is receptive assessment following a conversation between two people.

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Course Information

BSL Level 3

This course will enable you to communicate in British Sign Language at Level 3 of the National Occupational Standards for Languages. It is suitable for people who use BSL to communicate with friends and family, work colleagues, or people who wish to work with Deaf people on a regular basis.

At the end of this course, you will receive the Signature Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language. This course will cover six themes: home life, social activities, education and training, employment, consumer issues and daily living and Deaf history and culture. A variety of teaching and learning methods will be used, including:

  • Filmed assessed tasks
  • Receptive skills practice
  • Deaf guest presenters
  • Group discussions
  • Interactive group work and activities


The Level 3 BSL course is made up of three units and you must pass all three units in order to achieve the Signature Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language qualification.

Assessment 1 – Formal presentation

Assessment 1 is a formal presentation with your teacher. The presentation will focus on a topic title provided by Signature.

Assessment 2 - Informal conversation

Assessment 2 is an informal conversation between you and your teacher. The conversation will focus on a topic title provided by Signature.

This unit will give you the skills to use varied BSL in a range of work and social situations. You will develop your ability to take part in, and lead, one-to-one and group discussions.

Assessment 3 - Receptive skills

The receptive clip will be approximately 10 minutes long and will be split into 3 parts. Part 1 will have one person signing on screen. Part 2 will have a different person signing on screen. Part 3 both people will have a conversation on screen.


Assessments take place during normal class time and the assessment fees are included in the course price.

Progression routes

On successful completion of BSL Level 3, you can start working as a Communication Support Worker, gaining valuable experience if you are working towards achieving interpreter status.

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Key facts

Start Date: Thursday 30th June 2022
Duration: 36 weeks
Finish Date: Thursday 16th March 2023
Time: 12-4pm
Teacher: Bob Rose
Start Date: Tuesday 20th September 2022
Duration: 36 weeks
Finish Date: Tuesday 6th June 2023
Time: 12pm-4pm
Teacher: Karen Parker
Start Date: Tuesday 25th October 2022
Duration: 48 weeks
Finish Date: Tuesday 3rd October 2023
Time: 6-9pm
Teacher: Karen Parker

Individuals: £1,139 (includes £149 Signature Assessment fees and VAT)
Organisations: £1,509+VAT (includes £149 Signature Assessment fees)
A non-refundable deposit of £110 is required which will be subtracted from the total bill
*Payment plans options are available*

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must possess Signature / CACDP BSL Level 2. Furthermore we recommend at least one year’s experience integrating within a Deaf environment and attending Deaf events.
To ensure you meet the standard required for the course, students who are not previously known to Remark! will be invited to an entry assessment before attending this course, either on Zoom or at our training centre. The Selection Process will include a receptive skills test (a filmed clip of a person signing BSL) and a productive skills test. The cost will be £15 for this assessment. You will receive a 30 minute session with a Deaf tutor and formal, constructive feedback to help you progress and develop as a BSL user. Please note this £15 is non-refundable. Students who completed their Level 2 with Remark! within 6 months of applying for Level 3, will not have to undertake the entry assessment and selection process.

Private L3 course

Start Date: Date & time that suits you
Duration: 36 weeks (2hrs per week)
This can take place face to face or via Zoom.
Full up-front cost: £2160 (excluding Signature Assessment fee)

Payment plan options available.

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