Working as a Communication Support Worker with BSL Level 3

Are you learning British Sign Language (BSL) and thinking about changing careers? 

Did you know that once you have achieved BSL Level 3 you can start working as a Communication Support Worker? 

But what is a Communication Support Worker (CSW)? 

CSW’s are often associated with providing support for deaf learners in education and schools. They interpret spoken English into British Sign Language (BSL) and vice versa, and adapt learning materials to the person’s needs. 

If working in a school doesn’t suit you, you can also work as a CSW within an office environment. Here at Remark! we are proud to be Deaf-led. Therefore we employ CSW’s to support our Deaf members of staff in-house.   

What responsibilities does a CSW have at Remark!?

  • Answering phones and making calls  
  • Interpreting phone calls or conversations for Deaf staff  
  • Notetaking meetings  
  • Checking written English  
  • Scribing emails, letters or text messages  
  • Managing a Deaf person’s diary (with their permission) 
  • Reminding colleagues about paperwork or other prompts  
  • Informing the Deaf person if they hear any loud noises  
    e.g. if their mobile is ringing or the sound is loud on their computer  

It is important to remember CSWs are not registered interpreters and therefore there are limits to the support they can provide.  

CSW’s will have a minimum of BSL Level 3, but often will be working towards Level 6.  

What is BSL Level 3? 

BSL Level 3 covers six themes: home life, social activities, education and training, employment, consumer issues and daily living and Deaf history and culture. A variety of teaching and learning methods will be used, including:  

  • Filmed assessed tasks  
  • Receptive skills practice  
  • Deaf guest presenters  
  • Group discussions  
  • Interactive group work and activities   

Working as a CSW can be a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills and gain experience working in the Deaf community, especially if you have ambitions of becoming a BSL/English Interpreter.

If you would like to sign up for BSL Level 3, please check out our Training page here

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If you would like to find out more about what it means to be a Communication Support Worker at Remark!, check out our video here

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