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Youth Support
Support Young Deaf People
Support Young Deaf People

Youth Mentors

We provide strong deaf role models who can guide and support young deaf adults to make positive life choices. Many deaf teenagers lack confidence and have low self-esteem so we work with them to develop strong individuals ready for adult life.

Young deaf people may experience the effects of social isolation and can become withdraw from their peers and family. Remark! Living can support their transition into adulthood, help them to learn life skills and find employment through support from a deaf adult. Our mentoring will increase their confidence, and help them develop healthier relationships with their family.

We can support with:

  • Life skills, travelling and budgeting
  • Support young people with life choices and important decisions
  • Support those at high risk of crime or not yet in Education, Employment, or Training (NEETs)
  • Facilitate social opportunities and meeting of deaf peers
  • Offer information and advice on drugs, alcohol, sex and gender reassignment
  • Support with education or returning to education
  • Support with transition from school-to-college or college-to-work
  • Provide information about the deaf community and deaf identity

Specialist Support

Remark! Living provides care to individuals with specific needs, learning and physical disabilities and mental health challenges.

We can offer support workers who have an understanding of the condition and the tools to communicate with the individual. This enables our clients to live as independently as possible.

Deafblind Support
Remark! Living has specifically trained staff with the skills to support clients who are deafblind. We are also able to provide communicator guides for deafblind clients who need communication support whilst out and about in the community.

Mental Health
Remark! Living provides experienced staff to enable clients with mental health issues to remain at home and live independently. We can support those living in the community after being discharged from hospital or secure/sheltered accommodation.

Learning Difficulties
Remark! Living has a team of experienced staff to enable those with learning difficulties to remain at home independently.

Disability Support
Remark! Living staff support clients with disabilities to allow them independence and choices. We can support them at home as well as provide a support care worker to accompany them out.

We can facilitate social opportunities and enable meetings of deaf peers in all of these categories. We can support with education or a return to education.



Remark! Living has skilled and professional advocates to support and assist clients to manage their correspondence.

We can support with:
  • Telephone calls
  • Encourage clients with their paperwork and correspondence
  • Accompany clients to the bank to assist with finance matters
  • Accompany clients to medical appointments
  • Accompany clients on visits and appointments such as opticians, school visits etc.

Older People

Remark! Living provides experienced BSL Support Assistants who engage with older people or disabled BSL users in later life, providing support in the home. We can provide a range of domiciliary services tailored to meet your needs.

We can support with:

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Cleaning and tidying
  • Laundry
  • General household chores
  • BSL befriending and helping with low self esteem/loneliness
  • Reading letters and helping deal with correspondence
  • Escort clients to visit relatives

We can accompany our clients out and about such as:

  • Support with weekly shopping
  • Dealing with banking and post office trips
  • Escort to social clubs and deaf events
  • Escorting on trips and outings
  • Provide someone to take our clients anywhere they need such as visiting relatives
Support Old Deaf People
Support Old Deaf People

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