Sign Language Week 2022 – #BSLBringsUsTogether

This week is #SignLanguageWeek!

Sign Language Week is an annual celebration organised by the British Deaf Association; the theme this year is “BSL Brings us Together” and we’re excited to tell you what Remark! has in store! 

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people across the UK to take up the exciting challenge of learning BSL for themselves. BSL is a rich visual language and is the first or preferred language for thousands of people in the UK. This week is the perfect time to find out more about the language and culture of the Deaf, break communication barriers and take your first step to learn British Sign Language.

Why not sign up to one of our FREE BSL TASTER sessions here and start your journey now: 

Here at Remark! one of the most popular workshops we run is our Deaf Awareness Training Session. For employers, our Deaf Awareness Training can help you when making decisions on reasonable adjustments or when facilitating effective commutation between Deaf/hard of hearing and hearing employees. Booking a Deaf Awareness Training workshop is another fantastic way you can get involved with Sign Language Week and challenge yourself to learn more. 

Sign Language Week is also coinciding with the third reading of the British Sign Language Bill which is taking place tomorrow. This bill, once passed, will recognise BSL as an official language of England, Wales and Scotland. Why not join us at the BSL Rally on Friday 18th March at Trafalgar Square and see history be made!  

If you are interested in learning sign language, click here or contact us on 0207 269 2621 or email