Rose Ayling-Ellis encourages people to learn BSL from Deaf tutors

Rose Ayling-Ellis has been impressing Strictly Come Dancing viewers with her amazing chemistry with partner Giovanni Pernice. The EastEnders actress has made history as the first deaf contestant on the BBC One competition.

Rose has called on viewers of the Saturday night programme to learn British Sign Language (BSL) from Deaf tutors, tweeting that Google searches for BSL increased by 488% after their performance incorporating BSL at the start.

But why is learning British Sign Language from a Deaf teacher important?

When hearing people are chosen to teach BSL, it is a form of ableism and audism. Hearing people teaching BSL classes when there are deaf people who are willing and able to teach contributes to the systematic oppression of deaf people.

At the end of the day; it is very important that BSL is taught by Deaf BSL users.

But if the teacher knows sign language, why does it matter if they are hearing?”

Learning BSL, especially at the higher levels of Level 3 and Level 6, require you to study not only the language and linguistics but Deaf history and culture.

Who better to teach this than a Deaf BSL user themselves?

Here at Remark! all of our BSL teachers and assessors are Deaf, native BSL users. This means our students benefit from real, native insight into the Deaf community and its language.

“I work with someone who is Deaf and want to better understand their communication needs – where should I start?”

We also deliver Deaf Awareness training for organisations, which is popular with organisations that have Deaf or hard of hearing employees. Deaf Awareness training can help facilitate better communication between Deaf/hard of hearing and hearing employees within the organisation.

It goes without saying that Deaf Awareness training should be delivered by Deaf individuals who have years of experience of being Deaf and the barriers that this can present in the ‘hearing world’.

“Okay, but why should I choose Remark! for my BSL journey?

Here at Remark! we offer a unique learning experience where you will be immersed in Deaf culture with native BSL users in our offices. We have 52 Deaf employees, so you are able to meet Deaf BSL users from all walks of life, not just your tutors.

You are welcomed into the community and we are privileged to have our own studio and green screen so we can film mock receptive examinations in order to practice for your exams, with a diverse range of signers, for maximum exposure and variety.

“I’m convinced! But I’m not sure whether I’m ready to commit yet, can I come and see what it’s like?”

Yes! Every month, at our Training Centre in London, we offer free BSL Tasters for beginners of the language.

The concept behind these popular sessions is to ‘try before you buy We know paying for a course is a big commitment, so why not come along to a free Taster and see if BSL is for you or not.

The session will also include information on upcoming BSL Level 1 courses, should you want to start your journey into learning BSL straightaway. You’ll also get £50 off, if you sign up on the night!

What are you waiting for? Join us at one of our upcoming Tasters.

Contact or call 0207 269 2621 to book your place.