Remark! Living Summer Party

Last Friday, Remark! Living celebrated this year’s hard work by finishing off the summer with our staff party. Remark! Living is growing rapidly and our support workers have been supporting non-stop, providing the best service to our clients. We started the day with a fun quiz, testing our memories and showing our competitive sides by identifying fingerspelling, split second photographs and company logos. Alp’s team came 2nd behind our winners, 3 Deaf Mice – Laura, Zuheb and Adewale. Well done to them and everyone who took part! The team then bonded over shared pizza and a word game – very frustrating for those that didn’t catch on quick enough, but a brilliant experience with so many involved. We relaxed in the Lounge at Remark!’s offices, having a chat and a catch up, but the day was far from over, as we then continued on to play mini golf in White City, Westfield.

Puttshack in Westfield is an amazing venue and is not like ordinary mini Crazy Golf. It has a lot of very creative scenarios and is fully interactive. For example you get to answer a yes/no question to decide which way you play. Another example is you get to hit a ball across a real drumkit hoping to bounce off real drums and bash the cymbals for a hole in one. There is no chance of cheating either (sorry boys we know you always do) as the scores are fully automated by camera sensors. This system proved that girl power is alive and well with Helen Philipps winning the first round and Laura Klasupa winning the second round.

By the end of the evening, Remark! Living had certainly celebrated the hard work of our support workers and we want to thank them so much for their continued dedication to our clients. It’s going to be hard to top next year’s event, but watch this space – we will definitely give it a go!