Learning British Sign Language with your deaf child

Is British Sign Language right for my child?

Although you may not find sign language to be crucial to learn right now, it may benefit you in the longer scheme of things. By increasing the effectiveness of communication between you and your child, you will be breaking down frustrations, barriers and anxieties linked to their Deafness, both for yourself and for them!

Three reasons why!

  1. It is a fantastic skill for both you and your child to have – BSL can be used for so many different reasons. Your child will have more opportunities to be involved in the Deaf world, strengthening their Deaf identity, highlighting to them that being Deaf is something that they can be proud of!
  1. Your child will be proud of you for making the effort! Many children have told us that they wish their families signed as they often feel excluded and unable to follow conversations. It is so important that you can effectively communicate with your child to prevent them from feeling frustrated, left out, or with them being unable to share important information with you.
  2. Technology can fail when we need it most, such as Cochlear implant processors becoming faulty, the internal magnet becoming damaged, both of which take some time to repair. Communication is crucially important, so Sign Language would be greatly useful to improve these situations.

If you are interested in learning BSL check out our Family Sign page or contact training@remark.uk.com or call 0207 269 2620.