International Week of Deaf People – Celebrating Thriving Deaf Communities

Celebrating Thriving Deaf Communities 

10 year anniversary of our first lunch club opening

Our Lunch Club members are the backbone of the London’s Deaf Community 

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Remark! Community’s main priority was to keep the spirits of our longstanding members high, and to maintain social inclusion and morale. Catering for Deaf people over the age of 50, we find that this demographic is often left isolated and secluded from mainstream society. 

Our members became acquainted with Zoom, some for the first time! which enabled us to host our ‘famous’ lunch club Zooms. Every week there would be a new topic presented by a member of the Deaf Community, these ranged from history, culture, health and fitness etc.  

Our lunch clubs bring everyone together whilst promoting physical and mental wellbeing.  

We want to say a big thank you to all those who have paved the way for the younger Deaf generation, making them proud of their Deafness and allowing them to celebrate who they are.  

Thought the pandemic our advocacy services remained open for everyone to use, this was used to help our members with personal admin, phone calls and letter writing. 

Feedback from our members has remained positive:  

“All through this pandemic you & your team have been brilliant in organizing meet ups in various parks & also outings which have been most enjoyable & good for our welfare plus health. I say well done!” Mary Gilbert

My feedback for Remark! Lunch Club is … brilliant and well organised for the OAP’s. Leslie 

Stay Remarkable! 

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