Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re excited to be celebrating Valentine’s here at our office in Central London. Davod stars in the above video “Be my Deaf Valentine” which we had great fun filming.

Are you thinking about going on a date with a Deaf person?

Please don’t be nervous!

Don’t worry about meeting up, here are some tips:

  • Please don’t go to a dark place like a restaurant, it will be difficult for me to see what you are saying.
  • Or for example don’t go to the cinema to see a film without subtitles, I won’t be able to understand.
  • Also, please don’t ask me to teach you how to sign swear words!
  • Or teach you the alphabet!
  • We just need good eye contact.
  • Please don’t bring an interpreter, it will be distracting, I want it to be the two of us only.

If you want to start learning BSL check out our training page here or if you think you would benefit from Deaf Awareness Training take a look here.

We look forward to hearing from you!