Family Sign Sessions
Support Young Deaf People

BSL Family Signing

We are proud to provide bespoke BSL learning sessions for families with a Deaf family member. Our Family Sign Sessions can be in the comfort of your own home and we will work around your schedule to fit the sessions in at a time to suit you.


If there is anything in particular you would like to learn, we can tailor our sessions to include this. However, if you're not too sure, we can start with the basics and go from there!


After a few sessions, you might even be able to take some of the Level 1 assessments, which you can choose to do if you decide to. If you keep up with the sessions, you might even come away with the Level 1 qualification!
As all of our tutors are profoundly Deaf and communicate via BSL, the first session will be accompanied by a Communication Support Worker (CSW), who can provide support with communication.


All subsequent sessions will be with the tutor only.
Each session is for up to 3 hours of learning for up to 4 family members. There is no obligation for each session to last 3 hours. You are in control and can opt for shorter sessions, or finish the session when you feel ready to finish.


£100 + VAT per session.


Please note, as we are based in Central London, if you are located outside the London zones 1-6 we may add on travel expenses.


If you opt to complete any Level 1 assessments, this will also be subject to a booking fee required by Signature (the examining body).

To find out more contact or call 0207 269 2621.

Louise Stephens

Level 3 student

I really enjoyed the Level 3 course and the felt the teacher was great. 

The pace felt appropriate and we learnt lots of interesting things about Deaf history.

Our tutor Alison was very good at communicating everything clearly and she was also very kind.

The training centre was great to have such a nice space with tea and coffee etc provided. 

Sara Geloni

Remark! online courses are the ideal solution if you want to pursue your BSL studies but your home and London EC1 are about 1000 miles apart. And that is my case...I took my Level 3 online and completed it successfully. Before enrolling I was worried that not seeing the teacher in person and signing to a screen could slow down my learning. But after my initial interview with the teacher I realised it was not going to be a problem at all. It is just like being in a classroom. I would recommend it 100%.