Tips for working most effectively with a BSL/English Interpreter

What is the role of a BSL/English Interpreter? Interpreters facilitate communication between British Sign Language users and hearing people who use spoken English, making sure it is a smooth process. Interpreters must have excellent knowledge of the two languages and cultures. For example they will receive information in BSL, process its meaning, then interpret it…

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BSL Halloween Signs

Here at Remark! we have put together a video of Halloween signs for you to enjoy. We hope you enjoy celebrating Halloween! The following signs are shown: Halloween Spider Graveyard Witch Devil Pumpkin Vampire Dungeon Frightened Zombie Scream If you are interested in learning new signs, you might enjoy our LGBTQ BSL Signs blog post…

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Remark! Living support World Mental Health Day

In recognition of Thursday 10th October 2019 being World Mental Health Day, Pembe, a key worker for Remark! Living met with Hannah, a Community Psychiatric Nurse who works for a deaf adult’s community service to discuss mental health issues that Deaf people might face and how they can access support. Mental health and deaf people…

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BSL Summer Signs

Here at Remark! we have put together a video of commonly used summer signs for you to enjoy. We hope you have enjoyed your summer! The following BSL signs are shown: Hot weather Beach Picnic Sunbathing Swimming Ice cream Fish and chips Barbeque Tennis Rounders Camping If you are interested in learning new signs, you…

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Working as a Communication Support Worker (CSW) at Remark!

In this video Liam tells us about his job role as a Communication Support Worker (CSW) within the Training team at Remark!. We have several teams here at Remark! and mine is within the BSL Training team. My job title is CSW/Administrator. As a CSW, I provide communication support and interpret for the Level 2…

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The difference between a Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) and Trainee Sign Language Interpreter (TSLI)

In house BSL Interpreter

The National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD) have two registration categories for BSL Interpreters: Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) and Trainee Sign Language Interpreter (TSLI). Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) Registered Sign Language Interpreters (RSLIs) hold a Level 6 qualification in sign language interpreting and a Level 6 qualification in…

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Applying for the Access to Work Benefit for a BSL Interpreter or CSW

Applying for Access to Work image

Access to Work is a benefit funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). You can claim Access to Work if you require a BSL Interpreter or Communication Support Worker (CSW) in order for you to do your job effectively. If you are currently looking for work, Access to Work can pay for a…

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LGBTQ BSL Signs – Celebrating Pride


Pride stands for positivity against discrimination and violence towards LGBTQ people. The Pride parade celebrates its aims to achieve acceptance, legal rights and pride. Pride began with the StoneWall Riots in 1969 in New York, America. The first Pride in London happened in 1972, there were only 2,000 people and now there is over a…

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Multi-channel signs in BSL

Multi-channel BSL signs

Multi-Channel signs, as they are sometimes referred to, are an example of culturally rich BSL used within the Deaf community, and are taught to BSL students from Level 3 BSL upwards. Multi-channel signs use a mouth pattern along with a specific sign that it is linked to. The mouth pattern with a multi-channel sign is…

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Living Support Workers needed

Support Worker job advert

In this video one of our Senior Support Workers has a chat with a client from our Living service to find out more about him and how Remark! has supported him over the years. If you’re interested in becoming a Support Worker at Remark! visit our Work With Us page.

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