What is Remark! Access all about?

Remark! is divided into four departments – one of them is Remark! Access. What do they do you ask? There are 11 million people in the UK who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Remark! Access makes all their content Accessible. Remark! Access specialises in Subtitling, Audio Description, British Sign Language (BSL) Translation, Audio Reading…

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BSL Halloween Signs

Here at Remark! we have put together a video of Halloween signs for you to enjoy. We hope you enjoy celebrating Halloween! The following signs are shown: Halloween Spider Graveyard Witch Devil Pumpkin Vampire Dungeon Frightened Zombie Scream If you are interested in learning new signs, you might enjoy our LGBTQ BSL Signs blog post…

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Work experience with Remark! Access

Remark! Access were delighted to welcome Nilukshi to the team for work experience this week. It was fantastic to have such a talented Deaf student with us!  Find out more about the Remark! Access team here.  

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