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Here you can find more information on our BSL Level 6 Signature accredited course.

Our BSL Level 6 course comprises of two parts: Language Development and Portfolio Building.

Language Development is a non-assessed course covering the linguistics of BSL, how to effectively debate deaf topics and how to translate English to BSL. On completing Language Development you can then continue onto the second part of the course.

Portfolio Building is a two-day workshop where you are taught and shown how to develop your portfolio and collect evidence to achieve your NVQ certificate. 

You will then collect evidence clips and receive four tutorials to support you on completing your portfolio and submitting it, to be assessed by a verifier. 

Course Information

BSL Level 6

There are two phases to this qualification. Our Language Development training teaches you more about BSL theory and you have the opportunity to practice and develop your skills ahead of the NVQ Certificate, which is the assessment phase.

Our courses are designed around the Signature Qualification Specification and we receive positive and consistent feedback from our Signature External Verifier on the structure of our portfolios and our assessment process.


Language Development

The Language Development programme is an 8 day session course which focuses on improving your receptive and productive skills to help you reach the standard needed to collect evidence for your portfolio.

You will be taught to use complex BSL in a range of work and social situations, looking in more detail at areas of BSL grammar, structure and linguistics including the use of different verbs; mouth patterns and NMFs; timelines, aspect and manner; phonology; colloquialism; role-shift; negation and affirmation.

In addition you will work on your receptive and translation skills to brush up your performance ahead of assessment.

You will have the opportunity to practice implementing your newly acquired knowledge through a range of classroom exercises and homework including:

  • Producing filmed and assessed tasks
  • Group discussions and debates
  • Delivering presentations in BSL
  • Translation skills practice
  • DVD receptive skills practice


Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL – How to Build your Portfolio

The second phase of Remark!’s Level 6 includes a two-day course on ‘How to Build your Portfolio’. Your Teacher will inform you about the procedures required for the NVQ Certificate, the evidence you need to collect and how to complete the paperwork required for the portfolio submission. You will work on your own, in groups and with your tutor to plan and create different types of evidence for your portfolio. You will also start collecting your evidence in a supportive environment.

Following the portfolio building course, you will arrange four two-hour tutorials with your allocated Assessor. These are designed to analyse and give feedback on your evidence clips, provide you with support and guidance and help you prepare your portfolio for final submission.

Once your Assessor is happy that your portfolio meets the Signature assessment criteria, it will be submitted to our Internal Verifier who checks the Assessor’s decision. The External Verifier from Signature will then sample candidates’ portfolios to ensure they meet the UK Occupational Language Standards (CILT, 2010) before successful candidates are awarded the Signature Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL.


There is no formal assessment during this phase but you will be encouraged to self-evaluate your signing and you will receive feedback from your tutor. You will benefit from having regular access to the Deaf community to support your learning. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the course.

Following the Level 6 Language Development programme, you will be required to attend a pre-course assessment before continuing onto the Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL.


London Key Facts

Language Development


3rd March 2018 – 9th June 2018


Saturdays 10am - 4pm


Individuals: £900 (inc. VAT)

Organisations: £1,125+VAT

Pre-course Assessment: £25 – you will receive written feedback


Date: 21, 22 & 23 June  2018

Time: Thursday & Friday 10am – 4pm

Plus 4 two-hour Tutorials


Individuals: £1,127 (inc. VAT)

Organisations: £1,327+VAT

Pre-course Assessment: £25 – you will receive written feedback

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must possess Signature/CACDP Level 3 in BSL and at least one year’s experience integrating within a Deaf environment and attending Deaf events.

Students will be assessed to determine their ability to meet the required specifications for this course through a pre-course assessment. This costs £25 and includes constructive feedback to help you progress and develop as a BSL user.

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Birmingham Key Facts

We invite students in Birmingham to attend our courses in London.

Should there be a significant demand, we may run courses at our Birmingham training centre. Contact us for more information.

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