BSL Level 6 courses starting 22nd September onwards.

Remark! is delighted to be offering the Signature Level 6 Certificate in British Sign Language.

Our qualified Teachers/Assessors are native BSL users with a combined experience of over 75 years in teaching BSL. This means our students benefit from real, native insight into the Deaf community and its language. We have developed a fantastic training programme to take you on your BSL Level 6 learning journey; enabling you to have culturally real and meaningful engagement with the Deaf community in both work and social settings.

Course Information

Level 6 Certificate in British Sign Language

The Level 6 Certificate course has been redesigned to enable you to use and understand complex BSL in all types of social and professional interactions.

Teaching and assessment are focused on eight topics.  These are:

  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Employment and Business
  • Finance
  • Politics and Law
  • Society
  • Media
  • Science and Technology.

You will be expected to demonstrate receptive and productive skills on these topics in a variety of two-way and one-way interactions, including informal 1-1 discussions and group debates; formal group meetings, discussions and presentations; as well as a receptive skills exam.

Your performance will be measured through six assessments.  Half of these will be assessed internally by our team of assessors and the other half will be filmed and externally marked by Signature assessors.

We’re really looking forward to working with you and watching you develop over the full duration of the programme.  Recognising your different learning needs and availability, we are offering three programmes of study for you to choose from:

  • a daytime Saturday course, one day a week for 30 weeks
  • an evening class, one evening a week for 60 weeks
  • a daytime Tuesday course, one day a week for 30 weeks

Full attendance is mandatory in order to develop your skills and complete assessments as you go along.

The full Signature Qualification Specification details all the learning objectives, the knowledge and skills you will acquire, and more detail about the assessments. It can be found at


Assessments take place during normal class time, over the duration of the programme. The assessment fees are included in the course price.

Progression routes

After successfully completing this course, you should be ready to embark on the Level 6 Diploma in either Sign Language Interpreting or Translation.

Remark offers a range of interpreter training courses, taking you through to registering with the NRCPD as a Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI).  More information on our Interpreting Courses is available here.