BSL Interpreter Progression Route by Remark!

We know it can be overwhelming to figure out the best route in training to become a Sign Language Interpreter. If you’re aspiring to become a Registered Sign Language Interpreter, Remark! Training can help you get there. We have a clear progression route to take you from complete novice to qualified BSL interpreter, all based at our Training Centre in Central London.

Starting Out

  • Attend one of our free BSL Taster sessions. This will give you a brief introduction to BSL and Deaf culture.

Level 1 BSL

  • Join our Signature-accredited Level 1 BSL course. This is a beginner’s course in BSL and is 20 weeks long. The course is benchmarked to A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which is an internationally recognised standard for describing language proficiency.

Level 2 BSL

  • When you have completed the Level 1 course, you can continue your BSL studies at Level 2, which is benchmarked at A2 of the CEFR. The Level 2 course is 25 weeks long.

Level 3 BSL

  • When you have completed the Level 2 course, you can continue your BSL studies at Level 3, which is benchmarked at B1 of the CEFR or intermediate level. The Level 3 qualification will also open new career opportunities for you, e.g. you will be able to use your BSL skills as a Communication Support Worker or a BSL Teaching Assistant. The Level 3 course is 56 weeks.

Level 6 BSL Language

  1. When you have completed the Level 3 course, you can move on to our Level 6 certificate in British Sign Language. This course is benchmarked at C1 (proficient user) of the CEFR. This qualification will enable you to demonstrate language skills equivalent to an undergraduate degree in Modern Languages as well as use and understand complex BSL in all types of social and professional interaction.

Level 6 Interpreting

  • When you have completed the Level 6 BSL qualification, you can start your interpreter training. Our three-year IBSL-accredited interpreting course will enable you to register with the NRCPD as a Trainee Sign Language Interpreter (TSLI) while you work towards completing the qualification. Once you have completed this qualification, you will be able to register with the NRCPD as a Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI). Note that you must hold a Level 6 qualification in BSL and Interpreting so you must complete both the Level 6 BSL and Level 6 Interpreting qualifications before you can register as a RSLI with the NRCPD.

If you would like to discuss any of our BSL training courses simply contact us at You can find all our BSL Training courses and workshops in the Learn BSL area on the website.