Beckenham Lunch Club’s outing to the beach

Beckenham Lunch Club trip to Southend on Sea

Beckenham Lunch Club trip to Southend on Sea

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside….

Thursday 27th September was Beckenham Lunch Club’s outing to the beach. Once again, David Nelson gave up his time to chauffeur and escort our group to Southend on Sea. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The sun shone and there were no clouds in the sky all day.

There’s something for everyone in Southend when it comes to attractions and things to do. Whether you want to scream around the loops of roller coasters at Adventure Island, discover the world beneath the waves at Sealife Adventure or have a game of crazy golf. No trip to the seaside is complete without visiting one of the amusement arcades either!

On arrival, we relaxed in a promenade cafe before splitting into groups and each going where their will takes them. Some hit the shops and others took leisurely walks along the seafront. Steven, David. Yoonee and I steered Ashley and Peter Smith along the longest pleasure pier in the world: 1.34 miles long, to be precise! David took over pushing the wheelchair, after I’d driven one wheel into a huge gap between the floor planks, nearly sending Ashley into an Olympic somersault forwards and breaking the long jump record! Peter Smith walked alongside and didn’t give up or even look phased when we reached the end. It might have had something to do with Steven setting the pace like he was training for one of his runs and Yoonee (our new, temporary volunteer who isn’t allowed to leave Remark! ever!) encouraging us all with her cheery personality! At the end of the pier, we sat and had much needed refreshments and watched the sea ebb and flow and we waved to the paddle steamer that passed closely by.

We took the easy option of getting the electric tramway back, which was installed by Cromptons and opened in 1890. What did we do next? Something that’s a must at any seaside resort: sit and have fish and chips in a cafe facing the sea.

It was then time to meet up with everyone, find out how their day went, peruse what was bought and get David in the driving seat again. Judging by the amount of heads that nodded off, both David’s driving and the fresh air made everyone relaxed.

Can we go again next week please?

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