A momentous day for the Deaf community with the BSL Bill passing its third reading, unopposed.

On Friday 18th March, thousands gathered at the iconic Trafalgar Square in London to campaign to support the BSL Bill, put forward by MP Rosie Cooper during the Private Member’s Bill in 2021.

Remark! supporting the BSL Bill
Remark! are beyond excited that on the 18th March, in a unanimous vote, the British Sign Language Bill was passed on its third reading in the House of Commons. Many of our Remarkables! were present at the rally in Trafalgar Square and the atmosphere was electric! 

In 2003, BSL was first acknowledged as a language in its own right. Whilst this was a historic moment, no legal definition or protection followed, and the battle for BSL users has continued.

The BSL Bill aims to declare BSL as an official language in the United Kingdom, to provide a British Sign Language Council to promote and advise on the use of BSL, to establish principles for the use of BSL in public service, and to require public bodies to follow the principles and guidance issued by the Council.

Here at Remark!, we have been so excited to follow and be part of the development of this bill, and we will not rest until the UK recognises BSL in law, empowering members of the Deaf community by providing them with the recognition they deserve. The Bill has now been passed on to the House of Lords and it will have its second reading on 25th March, with politicians able to debate and discuss the “key principles and the main purpose of a Bill” and to suggest amendments.

We cannot wait for the Bill to receive its Royal Assent and for it to become recognised in law.

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