Deaf Awareness Week – @Remark! 2018


Deaf Awareness Week 14th – 20th May 2018 celebrates and promotes Deaf awareness.

Deaf people contend with a variety of communication barriers on a daily basis. At Remark! we deliver Deaf Awareness Training to help break down these barriers. In recognition of Deaf Awareness Week we’re offering a 20% discount on all Deaf Awareness Training sessions booked by Friday 20th May. Contact [email protected] for more info or visit

Remark! will be getting involved in Deaf Awareness Week celebrations with a variety of social media games. These include:

Lip-reading Challenges
Get involved in our lip-reading game and experience the everyday challenge Deaf people face when relying on lipreading. It isn’t as easy as it looks! We’ll be posting videos of sentences or phrases which you can practice lip reading. We’ll reveal the answer at the end of the day! #LipreadingChallenge

Finger Spelling Challenges
If you’re a BSL user you can put your receptive skills to the test with our finger spelling challenge. Each day, we’ll be posting a fingerspelling clip; a super speedy word for you to try and guess! #BSLFingerspelling

Tips for Deaf Awareness
Want some basic tips for communication with Deaf or Hard of Hearing people? We’ll be releasing a “Tip of the Day” to give you the basics and become more Deaf aware #TipOfTheDay

Remarkable! Events during Deaf Awareness Week
Throughout Deaf Awareness Week you can get a sneak peek into our Remarkable! world. Here’s a rundown of what’s taking place and how to get involved:

Monday 14th May –Eltham Lunch club – South London & BSL Taster Birmingham
Every Monday our charity arm Remark! Community runs a lunch club for Deaf adults in Eltham. Our Lunch Clubs are a social club for Deaf people aged over 55. Older Deaf people often find themselves isolated and secluded from society. Our lunch club brings them together and promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Visit

Every month, at our Training centres in Birmingham and London, we offer free BSL Tasters for beginners of the language. Visit

Tuesday 15th May – Remarkable! Club London & Sign Club
Run by Remark! Community, the Remarkable! Club for Deaf adults meet every Tuesday to mix with Deaf peers and enjoy a variety of trips and workshops. This week they’ll be receiving a presentation on the History of Royal Family followed by a Quiz. Visit

Every Tuesday, Remark! hosts a FREE Sign Club for anybody who wants to practise their BSL skills. The Sign Club takes place every Tuesday 5pm-7pm at our Remark! office on Leather Lane. Visit

Wednesday 16th May – Youth Club – Culture – Finsbury Park
Our Youth Club for Deaf children, aged 14 – 21, will feature a culture night on South Africa this week! The Remark! Community youth club is funded by Children in Need and takes place every Wednesday in North London. Visit

Thursday 17th May – Beckenham Lunch Club
Thursday’s see our Beckenham lunch club for Deaf adults aged over 55 come together for lunch, games, trips and socialising. Visit

Saturday 19th May – Football Training – South London
In partnership with Charlton Athletic Deaf FC Remark! Community host weekly youth football training with a coach that teaches in BSL, every Saturday in South London, Catford. Visit

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