An amazing feat from Yigit – News from our Remarkable! Club

The Remarkable! club is renowned for their exciting outings with lots of fun and laughter, not to mention the occasional friendly competition. The record breaking feat took place at Lewisham AMF a professional 10 pin bowling complex where the Remarkable! Club had hired lanes for the afternoon.

As always, we strive to include everyone, regardless of their ability level. Some lanes had the bumpers raised in order to build up the confidence of those who are less experienced bowlers. The other lanes were assigned to those with more confidence who wanted the bumpers down.

We were all astounded as we did not realise that we had a tenpin wizard in our midst! Yigit, who is 26, expertly scored 3 strikes in a row, the staff, fellow bowlers and everyone else stopped and watched the Remarkable! Yigit, showing them that we can and do far better than hearing people. Each time Yigit picked up the ball, the crowd would hold with bated breath and roar out a cheer each time he got a strike!

The first game was very competitive throughout until Yigit expertly scored 3 strikes in a row on the final frame! This took his score from 105 to 155! Amazing score and well done to him. The closest 2nd was Francis who achieved 118. Klaudia also did very well and achieved 100 points!

“It was just unbelievable the way the whole bowling centre actually gathered around and watched in amazement, I am truly proud to bring out the best in our young deaf members, as they feel a sense of total inclusion and as though there is no stopping them”


The next game of bowling was closer, with Laura winning with a total of 130 and Steven just a point behind after a blunder on the last throw that saw the ball veering straight into the gutter!
Everyone enjoyed the day and there was a lot of banter throughout the games. It was a nice to see the members having fun and there was a great feeling of friendly competition. I wonder what other feats this supercharged group will achieve. Watch this space…