Keep in Touch Day

Last Thursday Remark! Community, headed by Steven Wynne, gathered dozens of deaf children all over London for an action packed day. Here’s Steven’s account of how it went…

Last Thursday Remark! Community ran a Keep In Touch (KIT) day at Heathcote School, Waltham Forest. KIT days are designed to bring deaf children together from various schools for a day of activities and meeting new deaf children with whom they make friends.

I arrived in high spirits with my two sidekicks, Matthew (GB Footballer for Deaflympics) and Colette (British Sign Language Interpreter). They were on hand to help me run the event and keep the children entertained all day with lots of games in the sunshine.

The groups were all hyped up and excited about the day ahead – plenty of fun and meeting new people. We started with a bench shifting game that involved the teams needing to swap around positions on the bench to get themselves in to height order without getting up…Tricky ay? We enjoyed watching them attempting to swap around without falling off.

By the time our mini Olympics games started a huge group arrived, which increased our group of 30 children to 50! That’s the biggest group we have ever had and it was great to see so many children involved.

Other games on the day included a relay race, hula hoop dizzy dash, hurdles, tug of war and hula hoop loops. It was a very busy, competitive and fun morning.

Following all the activities in the scorching sunshine, the kids were taken into the school hall to cool off and enjoy some trampolining and basketball games.

This was followed by a lovely long lunch, a presentation and finally – what everyone was waiting for – the results of the winning team of the day. Congratulations to the Blue Team who won by a close margin!

Remark! Community would like to say a huge thank you to Paul Robinson and Edward Beard for inviting Remark! Community back to run this amazing KIT day again. It seems to be getting bigger and better, year on year. We can’t wait for the next one. Until then, we’d like to wish Paul all the best for his retirement.

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