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Snapshot is a documentary series revealing truths about real Deaf lives.

The Remark! team recently revealed the shameful state of sex education awareness amongst young Deaf people, in Snapshot: Dicing with Sex. Nadia Nadarajah explores some of the causes of Britain’s terrible teen pregnancy rates and some of the solutions that might equip our teenagers with the knowledge they need.

Prior to Snapshot: Dicing with Sex, the Remark! Team delved into the lives of Deaf individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in Snapshot: Living with Parkinsons.  Having Parkinson’s means losing many elements of your former lifestyle, however, this insightful programme illustrates the amazing ability to remain positive.

To watch Snapshot: Living with Parkinsons please visit the BSLBT website

Snapshot is commissioned by the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT).  BSLBT commissions a range of BSL presented programmes which are shown on the BSL Zone, providing opportunities for Deaf people working on and behind the camera.  Visit BSLBT's website for information on how to watch the programmes on television and online.  The BSL Zone went live on the Community Channel on 21st January 2009 and is now also broadcast on Film4.

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